Frequently asked questions

1Are tickets modifiable or refundable?
No, our terms and conditions do not allow this.
2My child is 5 and a half, can I still let him in?
No, the site is not accessible to under-sixes for security reasons. Identification may be required.
3I'm on vacation and didn't bring my closed-toe shoes. Can I still come?
No, you'll need comfortable, closed-toe shoes to access the caves.
4Is admission charged? Do children pay?
Yes, at a price of 5 euros for everyone aged six and over.
5Is there a group or special rate for Villecroziens?
No, there's a single fee of 5 euros per person.
6Can I take my 6-month-old baby in a baby carrier?
Not too dangerous, steep ground and not accessible to under 6s
7Do you accept dogs?
No, pets are not allowed.
8Even if I put it in a bag?
No, pets are not allowed for safety reasons.
9Is there a parking lot nearby?
Yes, you can park in the free parking lot at the Tourist Office. There's also a picnic area.
10Can my elderly father, who walks with a cane, visit the Grottes?
No, the Grottes are inaccessible to people with reduced mobility.
11Payment for my tickets has been accepted but I haven't received them by e-mail?
Before attempting to rebook, please contact us at
12I can't pay for my order online by credit card, what are the reasons?
I need the Securipass code from my bank
3D secure (security code)
Waiting period exceeded
Invalid credit card abroad
13Which payment methods are accepted?
CB only Mastercard
14Should tickets be printed?
It is not necessary to print out tickets booked online. Proof of purchase received by e-mail may be requested by cave staff in the event that visitors' names are not found in the electronic reservation system.